RESERVE Armagnac


The eaux-de-vie and the wood form an expressive couple where each has its place and reveals itself in a beautiful harmony. This Armagnac is well balanced between maturity and freshness.


Mostly from Bas Armagnac which brings vigor, nervousness and a strong aptitude to be blended.

Ageing & Blending

Blend of eaux-de-vie having at least 5 years of maturation, forming a unique and robustly balanced Armagnac. The maturity resulting from an optimal wood management insured in toasted barrels allows the oak to release its full tannins in the selected ageing eaux-de-vie.

Tasting Notes

Robe: shiny mahogany Nose: highly expressive and spicy Bouquet: husk of nuts, dried fruits such as grapes, candied fruits, figs, floral Palate: shows great roundness, lots of greed and a strong spicy sensation. A light side of Sichuan pepper (menthol) appears in a second time Alc: 40%

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