FINE Armagnac


Voice is elegantly given to the eaux-de-vie. The passing in barrels is adjusted just to provide support to the Armagnac, while keeping freshness and a fruity character.


Mostly Bas Armagnac which brings vigor, nervousness and a strong aptitude to be blended.

Ageing & Blending

Young eaux-de-vie selected for their liveness and freshness. An adapted wood management insured in toasted oak barrels to bring a light and naturally spiced flavor to the Fine Armagnac.

Tasting Notes

Robe: copper gold Nose: pastry and freshness Bouquet: vanilla, apricot, mimosa, toasted touch, spices such as coriander Palate: a nice roundness and richness with a spicy sensation that appears in a second time, providing freshness to the finish Alc: 40%

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