EXTRA OLD Armagnac


The selection of the eaux-de-vie creates an excellent harmony with the compounds of the wood that we have extracted over many years. The deep rancio operates with this excellent harmony.


Bas Armagnac and La Ténarèze

Ageing & Blending

Extra Old Armagnac is a powerful and mature Armagnac, composed of extensively maturated and respectful eaux-de-vie, all having at least 10 years of maturation. A much longer aging process than other Armagnacs, allowing the extraction of an exceptionally rich and complex range of aromas delivered by the oak casks.

Tasting Notes

Robe: intense mahogany Nose: expression of the typical rancio of aged eaux-de-vie Bouquet: melted but present wood, vanilla, prune, nuts, fruity with cherry & coconut, spices such as cinnamon Palate: very smooth and tasty, lots of structure, well balanced, perfect alliance between wood & fruit Alc: 40%

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