Our Craft

Our eaux-de-vie,
rigorously selected

The Armagnacs of Montesquiou House are elaborated from the best eaux-de-vie selected in the most prestigious terroirs of Armagnac: the Bas Armagnac and La Ténarèze.

Bas-Armagnac terroir, prized for its fine Eaux-de-vie, is home to sandy loam soils, also named tawny sands, which give delicate and fruity Eaux-de-vie.

La Ténarèze is home for clay and limestone soils, said boulbènes, which give to the Armagnacs a powerful and full-bodied character.

Artisanal Distillation, our aromatic secret

The distillation of Marquis de Montesquiou Armagnacs is conducted using single pass copper stills respecting the ancestral method, which confers power and character to the distillates. As a result of this first stage we obtain eaux-de-vie with great aromatic power.

Marquis de Montesquiou continues the tradition by using itinerant alambics that were formerly manipulated by distillers to distill wines of surrounding properties, and therefore combining the expertise of the winemaker and the mastering of the distiller.

Carefully tailored double maturation

The expertise in ageing begins by distinguishing the different grape varieties and terroirs. The double maturation of the distillate takes place mainly in French pedunculated oak barrels from Gascony forests.

We start by putting the spirit into new casks to encourage a powerful aromatic exchange with the wood. We continue the process in older casks to add subtlety and complexity.

At Marquis de Montesquiou House our ageing cellar is called the Cathedral, as its dimensions and the silence prevailing therein command respect.

Blending: the talent of a connaisseur, the style of a House

Each of our Armagnacs is a blend of several eaux-de-vie selected in a collection of more than 1000 casks, bringing together a unique heritage.

The savoir-faire of our Cellar Master Eric Durand, acquired after long years of practice, perpetuates the excellence of prestigious lineage of Montesquiou cellar masters.

The daily tasting of a dozen of eaux-de-vie, and a small notebook, are his best tools to adjust with precision the blends as well as the exceptional vintage Armagnacs.